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Imagined Pollinators #2
Imagined Pollinators #2
Acrylic ink on Tyvek

Image courtesy of Sun Valley Center for the Arts and Dev Khalsa

Imagined Pollinators is a series of drawings of butterflies, moths and insects inspired by the natural world but imagined by the artist. The project began in response to the decline in butterfly species due to habitat destruction, climate change and the use of pesticides. The drawn patterns and images refer to sources of visual information about pollinators - historical natural history illustrations, microscopic views of insect wings and bodies, patterns and materials found in their habitats. It is devastating that In an age where we have so much scientific knowledge and visual understanding of ecological systems that we allow economic and political factors make us blind to the loss of any animals or plants. These images and the repetitive mark making become a form of longing for species whose future is unclear.