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Installation - Holding What Can't Be Held
Installation - Holding What Can't Be Held

Holding What Can't Be Held - Exhibition at Ming Studios, Boise, ID
In collaboration with the Snake River Alliance, artists were asked to give perspectives on nuclear weapons and power. The focus was on the unavoidable outcome - a substance that will pose a threat to life for hundreds of thousands of years - beyond the reach of linear thought and outlasting any container we could manufacture and any symbol we may create.
Ongoing project curated by Tim Andreae who invites artists on a Snake River Alliance sponsored tour of the nuclear radioactive clean-up sites at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL)- located in Idaho’s Arco desert on the aboriginal lands of the Shoshone-Bannock tribes. After experiencing the site, artists meet periodically and engage in a workshop setting, encouraging unexpected collaborations while deepening individual experiences of this complex site. Holding What Can’t Be Held hopes to evoke new ways of seeing the nuclear waste in our backyard. Holding What Can't Be Held Website