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Unchopping a Tree: Rings
Unchopping a Tree: Rings
12 foot diameter

Unchopping a Tree: Rings installed for the exhibition This Earth: Notes and Observations of Montello Foundation Artists at SUMA October-December 2021.

Unchopping a Tree: Rings is an environmental artwork that was inspired in part by the W.S. Merwin prose poem Unchopping a Tree. In the writing, the author gives instructions for putting back together a tree that has been cut down, an impossible task. The written description becomes a metaphor for human intervention into the landscape, the ecology of natural systems, and our impact on the natural world. What we have taken away or altered can rarely, if ever, be replaced or repaired to its original state. The overall shape and multiplicity of textures becomes a visual element in the landscape or in the gallery space – to be looked at from a variety of vantage points in a relationship to the human and natural elements that surround it.